Mount Shasta, Cascade Mountain Range, California

Peaking like a periscope above the fog-filled valleys of northern California’s mountainous landscape is Mount Shasta. As its conical shape suggests, Mt. Shasta is a volcano. And not just some dreary old extinct volcano, mind you, but a potentially active volcano that last erupted as recently as 1786.

The geologic record suggests we could see a Shasta eruption every 600 years or so. Of course Mother Nature doesn’t care much for schedules, so nobody really knows when or if the volcano will blow its top again. If you’re considering a long-term real estate investment in the area, you should probably consider that the United States Geological Survey has classified Mount Shasta as a ‘very high-threat’ volcano.

This image was taken in the summertime - August 21, 2017 to be exact. While there was still a great deal of snow around the summit at that time, the lower slopes are pretty clear. Shasta is almost entirely covered in snow during the wintertime.

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