Athens, Greece

Why did a group of Greek tourists break into uncontrollable laughter upon entering an American antique shop? Let’s just say that ‘old’ is a relative term.

Situated in the upper center of this image is the sprawling metropolis of Athens, Greece. Its people invented the word ‘metropolis’. Also plumbing. Also streets. Also democracy, theater, the water mill, and the construction crane. Also the steam engine, the winch, the arch bridge, the catapult, and the lighthouse. Also western civilization.

The nation of Greece comprises thousands of islands in addition to large sections of mainland, all nestled within the Aegean Sea. That translates to 8,498 miles of coastline, the most of any country in the Mediterranean.

The large island in the very center of this image is Aegina, a significant competitor of Athens in ancient times for economic control of this shared corner of the Mediterranean Sea. These days Aegina is best known for its pistachios and sponge fisheries.

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