Karachi, Pakistan

On the southern shore of the Arabian Sea lies the largest city in Pakistan. Karachi is known for the diversity of its population, its blended and open culture, and the brisk pace of its economic growth in recent years.

The intensely bright serpentine feature in the lower left is a 44,000-acre luxury development known as Bahria Town. This privately-owned gated community sports Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, a theme park, an 18-lane central avenue, the third largest mosque in the world, a 27-hole PGA Standard golf course, multiple high-rises, a hospital, and 2 fossil fuel power plants. And you can see it from space.

As this image unambiguously reveals, both Karachi and Bahria Town suffer from a common industrial age malady – light pollution. If street lights were redesigned to light up the street and not Earth’s atmosphere, city dwellers might once again feel the deep connection with the night sky that our ancestors felt.

Image Link:https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=ISS057&roll=E&frame=57956

Science Link: http://darksky.org/light-pollution/